Final Report and Reports of subaction

Final report

Final report [download id=”119″] Annex Annex guide [download id=”148″]

  • List of keywords and abbreviations used [Report Annex 7.2.1] [download id=”120″]
  •  Final pilot plant layout [Report Annex 7.2.27] [download id=”143″]
  • Database containing the most relevant information gained from actions 1.1, 1.2 and 1.3 [Deliverable A1.1, 1.2 e 1.3 – Report Annex 7.2.2] [A causa delle sue eccessive dimensioni, questo allagato è disponibile facendone richiesta via e-mail all’indirizzo:]
  • Selection of one or more representative sites for pilot-scale plant location and Study report [Deliverable A1.4 – Report Annex 7.2.3] [download id=”121″]
  • List of authorities contacted for data collection during action 1  [Report Annex 7.2.26] [download id=”138″]
  • Study report (in Italian) [Report Annex 7.2.4] [download id=”122″]
  • Characterization protocol + Sampling and testing protocol (in Italian) [Deliverable A2.2 e A2.4 – Report Annex 7.2.5] [download id=”123″]
  • Characterization projects [Deliverable A2.3 – Report Annex 7.2.6] [download id=”124″]
  • Dredging of about 60 sediments samples (in Italian)[Deliverable A2.5 -Allegato report 7.2.7] [download id=”125″]
  • Physical/chemical, microbiological and eco-toxicological data on sediments  [Deliverable A2.6 e A2.6 – Report Annex 7.2.8] [Due to the big size, this attachment is available by sending a request by e-mail to:]
  • Electronic datasheets containing physical/chemical, microbiological and ecotoxicological data on sediments [Deliverable A2.6 e A2.6 – Report Annex 7.2.9]
  • Report about appropriate dredging techniques [Deliverable A2.8 – Report Annex 7.2.10] [Due to the big size, this attachment is available by sending a request by e-mail to:]
  • Report containing mass balance and separation efficiency of tests for the identification of the most appropriate treatment sequence [Deliverable A3.1 e A3.2 – Report Annex 7.2.11] [download id=”126″]
  • Electronic database of separated fraction properties [Deliverable A3.1 e A3.2 – Report Annex 7.2.12] [download id=”127″]
  • Pilot plant ready to run [Deliverable A3.3 – Report Annex 7.2.13] [download id=”128″]
  • Report of action 3.3 [Deliverable A3.3 – Report Annex 7.2.28] [download id=”132″]
  • Report of action 3.4 [Deliverable A3.4 – Report Annex 7.2.29] [download id=”133″]
  • Pilot plant – Report with detailed description of methods and procedures [Deliverable A3.3 – Report Annex 7.2.14] [download id=”129″]
  • Report containing the results from pilot-plant runs in terms of separation yields and output streams properties [Deliverable A3.6 – Report Annex 7.2.15] [download id=”130″]
  • Electronic database of properties of sediment fractions from pilot-scale tests [Deliverable A3.6 – Report Annex 7.2.16]
  • Upgraded configuration of the pilot-plant. Report containing results description and discussion [Deliverable A3.7 – Report Annex 7.2.17] [download id=”131″]
  • List of options for beneficial reuse of dredged sediments  [Deliverable A4.1 – Report Annex 7.2.18] [download id=”134″]
  • Report of the national and regional regulations to be complied with [Deliverable A4.2 – Report Annex 7.2.19] [download id=”135″]
  • Report on market analysis and potential end-user identification [Deliverable A4.3 e4.4 – Report Annex 7.2.20] [download id=”136″]
  • Detailed scheme of the network-based management system [Deliverable A4.5 – Report Annex 7.2.21] [download id=”137″]
  • Survey of the best practice for the reuse of sediments [Deliverable A5.1 – Report Annex 7.2.22 ] [download id=”139″]
  • Technical proposals for the dredged/treated sediments reuse in selected sites in Emilia-Romagna Region [Deliverable A5.2 – Report Annex 7.2.23 ] [download id=”140″]
  • Technical proposal for dredged/treated sediments reuse in beach nourishment [Deliverable A5.3 – Report Annex 7.2.24] [download id=”141″]
  • Guidelines on legal and administrative aspects for the dredged/treated sediments reuse [Deliverable A5.4 – Report Annex 7.2.25 ] [download id=”142″]
  • The documents of Action 6 [Report Annex 7.3.1, 7.3.2, 7.3.3] are available at this link
  • The documents of Action 7 [Report Annex 7.3.4, 7.3.5, 7.3.8, 7.3.9] are available at this link
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