Videos produced during the project phases

Coast-best has a youtube channel where the reseach loaded videos made in various stages of the project.


Watch videos (click on the arrows)

  • Coast Best 2013  pilot plant tests
  • Coast Best 2013 INTRO
  • Dragaggio sedimenti – Dredging of sediments (19 July 2012) 
  • Working Principles CSD.wmv
  • Working Principles BHD.wmv
  • Working Principles TSHD.wmv
  • VIDEO ON CYCLONING TREATEMENT PERFORMED ON THE SEDIMENT SAMPLE POCES2 (The video shows some of the phases of the cycloning treatment performed on the sediment sample POCES2 coming from the harbor Porto Cesenatico. Although the sediment was characterized by a relatively low content of sand (lower than 40% by weight))
  • Coast-Best in the ports of Cesenatico and Bellaria
  •  Interview with Mr. Cristiano Accorsi di SOGESID
  • Interview with Elena Romano – ISPRA
  • Interview with Emiliano Altavilla di ARPA Emilia Romagna
  • Interview with Alessandra Polettini,University of  La Sapienza Roma
  • Interview with ing. Preti di ARPA Emilia Romagna
  • Interview with Carlo Albertazzi – Regione Emilia Romagna
  • Interview with Aldo Muntoni ,University of  Cagliari
  • Interview with Enzo Rizzi – ICOP