Azione 7: Dissemination

The objective of Action 7 provides the dissemination of knowledge of the project and its results. Dissemination requires activation of different channels of communication between the project partners, potential users, industries and academic institutions, public and private.


  • Preparation of notice boards and posters for use by the partners, as the initial deliverable of Action 7;
  • Creation of a website of the project (, a reference point for the dissemination activities towards the industry and citizens. A dedicated area collects intranet project documents; the Downloads area contains the deliverables products during the project;
  • Creation of a project logo;
  • Promotion of the project in the popular science events selected on the basis of their technical target, the importance both at national and international levels, as well as the type of intended audience in terms of specific field of expertise and for the number of expected participants;
  • Promote the events attended by Coast Best representatives through the involvement of partners, stakeholders and the interested public in general.

Beneficiaries involved:

Main role: LABELAB

Download: Reports of the subactions

The material produced by the action 7 is available at the followin pages:

  • Download
  • Video
  • Eventi
  • News
  • Newsletter


Summary of the Action

The main activities carried out under the Coast-Best Labelab Porject are:

  • Seminars and events: the Life Coast-Best project promoted meetings, set up exhibition stands for the distribution of various materials at a variety of national and international events including:
  • Ecomondo 2010/2011/2012 (Rimini), RemTech 2010/2011/2012 (Ferrara), Ravenna2010, Ravenna2011, Ravenna2012 (Ravenna), H20 2012 (Ferrara), SedNet (Venice), WASTEENG 2012 (Harboro – Harborugal), CRETE 2012 (Chania – Creta), BOSICON 2012 (Rome), Sidisa 2012 (Milan).
  • Creation of website: Labelab is responsible for creating and updating project website content, including a summary of all project phases and related deliverables. The site is available in both English and Italian and contains several sections dedicated to the project Actions. Access to the intranet area is restricted to project partners and is regularly used to archive and consult documents required for carrying out activities. The download area, which is public, contains research documents.
  • Detail aid (brochures, Laymans reharbor, notice board, video, flyers, etc.). All documents are available for download on the website and include technical documents, scientific articles and abstracts, all selected to guarantee a broad dissemination of results obtained. Films and interviews were carried out during many project events and activities.
  • Newsletter, board of advisors, focus group: through the sending of specific e-mails, the project has periodically involved stakeholders and other citizens interested in the progress and development of project activities.